Our Commitment as Leaders of Baruch HaShem

All our leaders, present and past, have made this commitment. We are looking to expand our ministries of Baruch Hashem.

If you would like to be blessed and be a part of ministry, pray about and present your desire to one of the leaders.
You will be asked to make the following leadership commitments.

Commitments of Leadership:

To God. Have a sincere, continuous relationship with Him. Spend time with Him in prayer and in His Word.

To Family. Be the fathers and mothers, husbands, wives, singles that God has purposed for our lives.

To our Congregation. Be a member of good standing. Attend classes for discipleship and or Mishpacha. To be supportive in all things, prayer, work, financial support. Find things to do in helping others to ministry. Our prayer is that all continue to be with us until Yeshua returns, but if you chose to move on, that you commit to leave a blessing and never drawing others away the fellowship of Baruch Hashem.

To Congregational Leader. To be under his spiritual authority, supporting him with prayers and work.